Warranty Details


The BIDZ Warranty on the vacuum system is only valid for the original owner and is non-transferable. The warranty only covers a 1-year labour warranty. The use of electrical power other than prescribed on the unit and/or any repair(s) made by any service other than authorized service person will render this warranty null & void. The manufacturer is not responsible for any transportation/freight. Should this product be used for a rental service, a 90-day limited warranty will apply. (Parts not included.)

The BIDZ Vacuum Body – Three (3) years:

BIDZ will, for three (3) years, replace any defective parts of the vacuum body, housing & dustbin as long as you own it, if used in normal conditions and properly maintained as stated in this instruction manual.

The Bidz Vacuum Unit’s Parts – Three (3) years: BIDZ will replace any defective parts of the vacuum power unit for three (3) years following the purchase date, if used in normal conditions and properly maintained as stated in the power unit instruction manual.


Additional information


– BIDZ assumes no responsibility for damage or faulty performance caused by misuse or careless handling, or when repairs or modifications have been made or attempted by others.

– Use of non-recommended filters and/or accessories may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

– Do not attempt to service your vacuum beyond that which is described in the User Manual.


– Any part that has become inoperative due to misuse, negligence, direct/indirect abuse, accidents, improper maintenance, repairs or alterations;

– Consumables such as cartridge filers, cloth  filters, dust collection bags, foam  filter sleeves, and cloth  filers;

– Normal wear and tear of parts and attachments, such as hoses, nozzles, or casters;

– Normal deterioration of the exterior nish due to use or exposure;

– Any product where serial number/data label is tampered with or removed;

– Any product purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary by jurisdiction.

If you consider the product is affected by a defect, it should be returned at the end point of of purchase or send an email to info@bidzvac.com. If the you decide to send an email to info@bidzvac.com, a description of the alleged problem, picture showing the issue and proof of purchase must be included in the email. Return of the product is at your own expenses.

Customer support in North America: For technical surpport or service contact Bidz Corporation at

1 (800) 776-7891 or via email at info@bidzvac.com

How we started

Uncompromising quality standards.

BIDZ is a new company owned by Nadair, a 35-year-old company specialized in ceiling fans, lighting and vacuum cleaners.

Nadair’s product assortment grew over the years based on the feedback from our specialty dealers. As a result, Nadair started BIDZ Wet/Dry vacuums to give consumers a complete line-up of products that respect Nadair’s uncompromising quality standards.
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